French Verbs, Third Edition

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French Verbs, Third Edition by Christopher Kendris

Language students will find approximately 300 of the most frequently used French verbs presented in clear, easy-to-read conjugation tables. Each verb is arranged alphabetically by its infinitive form, one verb per page. Sample sentences and related words and expressions are given at the bottom of every page. Extra features include instruction in verb usage and a listing of over 1,000 additional verbs conjugated like those in the verb tables. This pocket-size book makes a handy quick-reference source for language students, teachers, and translators.

French Verbs, Third Edition by Christopher Kendris

Dr. Christopher Kendris, an accomplished linguist, has worked as an interpreter and translator for the U.S. State Department at the American Embassy in Paris. He holds a Ph.D. from Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, and diplomas with Mention très Honorable at the Université de Paris (en Sorbonne), Faculté des Lettres École Supérieure de Préparation et de Perfectionnement des Professeurs de Français à l'Étranger, and at the Institut de Phonétique, Paris. He is former Chairman of the Department of Foreign Languages and Supervisor of 16 foreign language teachers at Farmingdale High School, Farmingdale, NY, and has taught foreign language courses at various colleges and universities.

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    1 April 2011

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