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Chinese With Ease Vol. 1 - Assimil

Product Description

This volume of 49 lessons is the first part of a two-volume package: altogether there are 105 lessons in Chinese with Ease.  Providing you with Chinese characters and with Pinyin (the official transcription of Chinese characters), it will soon enable you to read and speak Mandarin Chinese.

In volume 1 of Chinese with Ease, the lively dialogues taken from everyday events in China will not only immerse you in Chinese culture, but will also familiarise you with modern Chinese vocabulary, phrases and sentences. You will only need half an hour of study each day.

Regularity and motivation are the keys to your success!

Hardback, 49 lessons, 416 pages and 4 CDs (total length: 2 hrs 30)

A unique learning principle:
Intuitive Assimilation

How did you learn to speak?
You probably don't even know. You listened to your parents, gradually understanding the meanings of sounds, words, and then whole sentences. Then, once you had absorbed – or assimilated – the meanings of the word associations, you began to link words and form your own sentences. Assimil applied this same natural process adapting it to the abilities of adults, young and old.

You assimilate in two phases:

The Passive Phase

The first step is to familiarise yourself with the new language through daily sessions lasting 20 to 30 minutes. You listen and read – and you understand what is being said through the translation provided. You repeat each sentence aloud to practice your pronunciation, with the help of easy phonetic spellings and, better still, recordings. During the Passive Phase you shouldn't try to form sentences. Just immerse yourself in the language. Every seventh lesson you'll find a review of all the points covered in the previous six lessons and a summary of the main grammar points learned during the week. The key to success is the daily routine.
The first two weeks are crucial. The rest will come naturally.

The Active Phase

The Active Phase starts when you have acquired enough passive knowledge – around Lesson 50. This phase continues alongside passive learning, and involves revising Lesson 1, then Lesson 2 and so on, completing one "active" lesson and one "passive" lesson each day.

In the Active Phase, you cover up the text in the target language and, using the translation on the opposite page, try to say it out loud – or in writing if you wish. The Active Phase continues throughout the entire second half of the book. For most major languages, it takes about five months to assimilate a course of 100 lessons.
You'll be amazed at your results! During this second phase, you will be building sentences with ease and this encourages you to go on and complete your course.

A With Ease course will enable you to reach a level of fluent everyday conversation. You will have a good understanding of the grammar and a large vocabulary (around 2,000 words). It is commonly agreed that an adult speaker uses about 1,500 words.

Setting the standard for 80 years.

The Assimil brand was created exactly 80 years ago with its first method, "L'Anglais Sans Peine", for learning English.


Assimil pioneered self-study language methods in France and is now a household name for foreign-language learning. Assimil offers a new way to learn: an original and effective method based on the principle of intuitive assimilation - a world first.

Instant success

From the outset, Assimil's methods proved highly popular. The first sentence of "L'Anglais Sans Peine" - My tailor is rich - has become a catchphrase in France.

A method that works

Students learn a language in its linguistic and cultural context, while focusing on oral communication. What better proof of success than the sale of millions of self-study methods since 1929? To date, more than 35 million people around the world have learned or are learning a language with Assimil.

New developments

Assimil has continuously updated its self-study methods, but its main focus is on expanding the catalogue. More than 100 offerings are now available, from European and regional languages to the most "exotic" languages. Over the years, Assimil has adapted to new media, from 78 rpm vinyl records to MP3, and is ready for exciting new developments in the 21st century, such as e-learning.

Key Benefits

  • Authentic audio material
  • Learn key Chinese phrases and vocabulary suitable for everyday situations
  • Chinese culture and customs explained
  • 2-part course leads to more consolidated learning

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Language Chinese (Mandarin)
Level Beginner
Media Type Book + CD
ISBN 978-2700520507
Publisher Assimil
Date of Publication 1 Mar 2006
Number of pages 384
Dimensions 4.9 x 16.3 x 22.7 cm
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