La Fille du puisatier - Marcel Pagnol

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La Fille du puisatier - Marcel Pagnol

"The Daughter of the well-digger," is the sound recording of the original film specially adapted for audio transmission with text amendments by Marcel Pagnol himself. This 1940 recording features the famous actors of the day such as Raimu, Fernandel, Charpin and Josette Day. The Daughter of Puisatier is both a wonderful historical document and a brilliant interpreation of one of Marcel Pagnol timeless works. Synopsis 1939, in Provence. Patricia, a girl of 18, meets the handsome aviator Jacques Mazel. It's love at first sight, but their laison is short lived: the young man is sent to the front. Patricia waits for him expecting a child. The wealthy parents of the boy cry blackmail. Patricia and her father, the well digger have only the joy of welcoming the child into the world. Meanwhile Jacques is reported missing ...
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    28 march 2011

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    1 hour 50 minutes

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