Na Crista Da Onda: Livro do Aluno + CD áudio 1 (A1)

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Na Crista Da Onda: Livro do Aluno + CD áudio 1 (A1) by Helena José Bayan and Ana Maria Bayan Ferreira

The Student's books boast a wealth of authentic, stimulating and dynamic texts, which are also provided in audio format.

Over the course of the different units, diverse vocabulary tasks are presented in conjunction with varied, practical exercises centred around interaction, thus allowing for the development of the four main skills.

The language sections present simple grammar explanations and tables in a progressive manner that accounts for students' communicative needs.

Another feature is the Quiosque Cultural (Culture Kiosk), which will enable students to broaden their sociocultural horizons through activities based on cultural aspects and trivia.


Split over 4 levels (covering CEFR grades A1-B2), 'Na Crista da Onda' provides a comprehensive set of learning resources for adolescents and young adults learning Portuguese.

Aimed at learners with a basic knowledge of the language, the primary objective of this course is to develop and enhance students' communication skills via the completion of meaningful tasks.

Furthermore, these manuals will teach learners not only how to use correct grammatical and lexical structures but also how to interact confidently in various social contexts, thus facilitating successful oral and written communication.

Modelled on the popular course 'Na Onda do Português', this updated edition includes brand-new sections that will allow for further practice of the language in the classroom. The other main difference is that each volume of 'Na Crista da Onda' corresponds to a different CEFR level.

The Teacher's books - accessible for free via the publisher's website ( ) - include answers to the exercises featured in the Student's book, plus suggestions for supplementary activities and ideas on how to make best use of the content presented.

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    28.6 x 19.7 x 1.1 cm

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    220 pages

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    September 2018

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    Lidel Edicoes Tecnicas Lda

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    European Schoolbooks

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