Ora viva! Livro + ficheiros áudio (A1)

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Ora viva! Livro + ficheiros áudio (A1) - Ana Margarida Abrantes

Ora viva! - Portuguese crash course for beginners is aimed at adult and young adult learners who have recently travelled to Portugal and who intend to familiarise themselves with the language in practical, day-to-day situations, and in social interaction: from small talk at a party to ordering in a café, from discussing habits to making plans. The book includes a selection of texts on various topics relating to daily life in Portugal, and favours an intercultural approach to learning.

The five thematic units in the book present diverse activities and allow for different communicative opportunities.

Answers to all the exercises, a multilingual glossary and the audio transcripts are located at the back of the book.

The audio files can be downloaded for free via this link: https://www.lidel.pt/pt/download-conteudos/

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    7.7 x 9.8 inches

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    23 September 2019

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    Edições Grupo Lidel

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    European Schoolbooks

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