Édito Niveau A2 - Livre De L'élève

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Édito Niveau A2 - Livre De L'élève + CD MP3 + DVD

Paperback, 216 pages. Workbook + CD MP3 + DVD. Level A2.

Dans le livre de l'élève:

  • une démarche guidée de la grammaire et de la phonétique en 3 étapes : échauffement, fonctionnement, entraînement.
  • une place toute particulière faite au vocabulaire : nombreuses illustrations et activités ludiques.
  • Des pages "détentes" avec des jeux, des quiz, etc.
  • Le CD mp3 : des doucments à fort contenu culturel
  • Le DVD : des vidéos d'une grande variété de genres et de sources (reportages, films, documentaires...).


A task-based course for older teenagers and adults. This edition continues to work on developing the four main skill areas, and pays particular attention to enriching students' vocabulary by presenting them with a range of authentic materials taken almost exclusively from French and Francophone newspapers, literature and websites. The audio texts are taken from broadcasts by Radio France, debates on current affairs and interviews all accompanied by comprehension exercises.

Édito revises and broadens grammar knowledge and increases vocabulary through exercises that mirror real life situations. All the key skills are addressed in turn, with extra attention given to written and spoken French using authentic scenarios and group work activities put this knowledge into practice. Articles on France and its culture allow students a glimpse of different aspects of French life. The students' books include DVDs as well as CD MP3s, making this a multimedia course which favours active participation from the students.

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    May 2016

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    Éditions Didier

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