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Entorno turístico - M. de Prada, P. Marcé, M. Bovet

Paperback, 192 pages. Level B1+.

This is a very useful resource for students travelling to Spain who would like to put their Spanish to the test through making hotel reservations, ordering food in restaurants or exploring Spanish cities, etc.

It also serves as an invaluable reference book for professionals working in the tourism industry (e.g. receptionists, waiters or tourist guides), who require a certain level of fluency in Spanish in order to perform their role effectively and successfully. This course is suitable for learners with a level of Spanish ranging from intermediate to advanced (B1 or above).

The student's book is divided into 4 main sections and 2 smaller sections, as follows:

MAIN SECTIONS: The 4 main sections focus on the following topics:

1. "Alojamientos turísticos"

2. "Establecimientos gastronómicos"

3. "Transportes turísticos"

4. "Opciones de turismo"

SMALLER SECTIONS: The 2 smaller sections include 13 routes around Spain and 7 routes around Latin America, thus enabling students to discover the main tourist attractions. There is also information provided about the most popular fiestas in Spain.

Downloadable audio content and useful links relating to the book's content can be accessed online.


Útil tanto para el alumno que quiere viajar a España y necesita hacer una reserva hotelera, pedir en un restaurante o visitar una ciudad como para el profesional del sector al que se le facilitan las funciones y el léxico básico para desarrollar tareas de recepcionista, camarero o guía.

El libro se compone de 4 secciones y 2 apartados de rutas.


Cada sección abarca un tema de relevancia en este ámbito:

1. Alojamientos turísticos

2. Establecimientos gastronómicos

3. Transportes turísticos

4. Opciones de turismo


Las rutas permiten descubrir los principales atractivos turísticos.

• 13 rutas por España

• 7 rutas por Hispanoamérica

Una relación de las fiestas más populares en España completa la información.

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