Insider's Spanish: Intermediate Conversation Course (Learn Spanish with the Michel Thomas Method)

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Insider's Spanish: Intermediate Conversation Course (Learn Spanish with the Michel Thomas Method) (Conversation Companion) by Virginia Catmur (Author), Jennifer Stanley-Smith (Author)

8 hours of audio on CD + 1 CD-ROM

This is a Spanish intermediate conversation course that will help you develop your communication skills and express yourself with confidence. Through engaging topics and the unique Michel Thomas Method for teaching languages, it helps you build conversation strategies and opens the door to topical issues that are key to the Spanish speaker today.

The course is ideal for intermediate learners who want to take their conversation further. It is also the right course for learners who have enjoyed Michel Thomas Total and Perfect courses.

The Total and Perfect courses give learners a strong foundation in the language, a 'house', as Michel Thomas called it. Insider's course is designed as a Phase 2 course, using authentic, lively conversations around engaging topics to improve your colloquial language and conversation strategies so that you can fit in and communicate more naturally with native Spanish speakers. It is the 'decoration' for the house, which was the next step in Michel Thomas's learning journey.

Insider's Spanish includes:

  • Ten authentic conversations about a comprehensive range of subjects that reflect contemporary Italian culture
  • Conversation strategies, pronunciation and intonation to help learners express themselves naturally
  • Listening and speaking practice to help learners progress to the next level
  • Cultural insights into the unspoken rules of the language
The course is made up of a 128-page book, 1 interactive CD-ROM, and 1 MP3 CD-ROM 

Insider's Spanish: Intermediate Conversation Course (Learn Spanish with the Michel Thomas Method) - Reviews

"Ideal for any business traveller who needs to be able to get around confidently." (Sunday Business )

"A great way to learn; it's fast and it lasts". (The Daily Telegraph )

"Five minutes into the first CD, you already feel like you're winning." (Time Out )

"Michel Thomas is a precious find indeed." (The Guardian )

"Thomas makes it simple" (Sunday Times )

"Michel's methods will teach you effectively and easily" (Daily Star )

"Hugely inspiring" (Red)

"Moving along at a relaxed, slow pace, punctuated by amusing anecdotes and jokes from the teacher, the new words, phrases and language rules are gently introduced and reinforced through subtle repetition without ever being tedious. In fact, despite a distinct emphasis on non-work, the course proves very effective and enjoyable, and its format is ideal for learning anywhere you like. So, if you only want to learn to speak the language, this course is highly recommended." (Top Real Travel Product, Real Travel)

Insider's Spanish: Intermediate Conversation Course (Learn Spanish with the Michel Thomas Method) - About the Authors

Virginia Catmur and Jennifer Stanley-Smith are the authors of this course. Virginia studied languages at the universities of Oxford and Lisbon. As Languages Editor at Hodder, she worked in the studio with Michel Thomas during the recording of his Advanced courses in 2004 and was responsible for their audio editing. She has since developed courses in new languages using the Michel Thomas Method. Jennifer is a freelance translator, writer and editor. She lived in Valencia for a year and earned the top-level DELE (Diploma in Spanish as a Foreign Language, C2) before graduating from Bristol University with a BSc in Economics. She received her Diploma in Spanish to English Translation from the Chartered Institute of Linguists (DipTransIoLET) in 2014.

Michel Thomas was a world-famous language teacher with an incredible skill to teach in days what usually takes years to learn. A psychology graduate, Michel survived starvation in French concentration and slave-labour camps, endured torture at the hands of Klaus Barbie and, after the war, hunted Nazis as an officer with US Counter Intelligence. These unique, challenging and varied experiences helped him to forge his revolutionary learning system that is in demand from heads of industry and movie stars alike.

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