Instant Recall French Vocabulary

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Instant Recall French Vocabulary: Learn and Remember French Faster than You Ever Imagined Possible! By Michael Gruneberg.

Product Description

Developed by memory expert Dr. Michael M. Gruneberg, Instant Recall French Vocabulary offers a proven method that provides easy-to-remember word pictures to help you recall words in French--instantly. All you need to do is listen, picture the images, and then respond to the tests--and you'll learn 200 basic words and phrases faster than you ever imagined possible. Think of an image in your mind's eye for about ten seconds.

  • The French for fish is poisson. Imagine that you poison your pet fish.
  • The French for bread is pain. Imagine putting loaves of bread in a pan
  • The French for milk is lait. Imagine a hen that lays a bottle of milk. 
  • The French for water is eau. Imagine that you owe a miserly Frenchman for a glass of water.

Now, what are the French words for water, milk, bread, and fish?

Studies have shown how fast and easy this course is: Students have achieved remarkable results up to three times quicker than through conventional methods. For travelers wanting to be able to communicate abroad and for those having difficulty learning basic French at school or in class, Instant Recall French Vocabulary is the quick way to success.

About the Author

Dr. Michael Gruneberg is an internationally respected authority and author on memory enhancement. He is the president of the American Society for Applied Research in memory and cognition.

The course contains two audio CDs plus a 24-page book.

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Language French
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ISBN 978-0658011269
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