KLOO's Learn to Speak English Board Game - Race to London

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KLOO's Learn to Speak Language Board Game - Race to London

Race to London is a teaching resource designed to make learning English fast, easy and fun. It is ideal for classroom teaching, private tuition and for learning at home where at least one person understands English. Players use KLOO’s award winning ColourSense cards to make sentences and learn English words to score points. The longer the sentences and the more words they learn, the faster they can power their cars around the "Race to London" game board. In this way KLOO’s famous cards make language learning fast, easy and fun. But there is no need to be a language expert!  Players can start playing KLOO as beginners – but are often amazed at how fast they learn! Within a few games players can learn hundreds of words and how to make tens of thousands of sentences. The nature of the game also encourages players to practice speaking English out loud. Race to London contains 4 decks based around the themes of “People”, “Eating and Drinking”, “Places” and “Everyday Objects”. As they learn all the words in one deck, they move onto the next deck building vocabulary and the ability to express themselves. The game comes with a 50 cms x 50 cms game board showing pictures of cultural sites of British cities. By introducing this game into the classroom or at home, language students become more focused, more enthusiastic and have more fun without ever having to work, study of write. KLOO is ideal for English teachers or English speaking parents looking for a fun way to teach English and help learners at the beginner to pre-intermediate stages. KLOO was created by a multi-award winning games designer working with TEFL teachers. All untranslated words are revealed at the end of the game. Rules are in English with vocabulary lists translated into German, French, Spanish, Italian and Polish. CUSTOMER NOTE: This has been designed specifically as a teaching resource and not for self-learning. Customers can download FREE extra cards, in different tenses, from the KLOO website.

The Learning Principles used in KLOO:

1. The best way to learn is through DISCOVERY LEARNING. That is the natural way we learned our first language. Hardly any products use this. Discovery Learning involves discovering what you want to know, when you want to know it. Some scientists call this the “Aha! Moment” or “Eureka Moment”. It’s when you “get it”. This is how our brains are hot-wired to learn a language.

2. CONTEXT is crucial. By putting words into context you give your new vocabulary meaning. Meaningfulness is a central plank for getting words into your LONG TERM MEMORY. The best technique for learning words is to seek the meaning of a word (because you need to know it) and then use it in a sentence. Using it straight away helps to lock it in.

3. FUN is a hugely important factor but often overlooked. Many people give up learning a language because it becomes a chore. However if you enjoy it, you do it more. The more you do it, the more you learn. KLOO® is definitely FUN.

4. REAL PEOPLE means interacting with real people as opposed to learning from screens or audio devices. We learned our first language by talking with other people and all research shows this is the best way. Speaking with others will massively reduce your learning time. The person you are interacting with does not have to be fluent. A friend, parent or colleague who is willing to interact and learn with you will make a big difference.

5. GENERATIVE means learning how words fit together to make a sentence rather than as unconnected words (as in vocabulary lists). If you learn how to use words in sentences you rapidly build up the number of ways you can express yourself. With just one deck of KLOO® you can make nearly 3 million sentences.

KLOO®'s Learn to Speak English Language Board Game - Race to London


  • 4 Decks of KLOO English vocabulary cards, Game Board and pieces
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