L'Atelier: Livre de l'élève A2 + DVD-Rom

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L'Atelier: Livre de l'élève A2 + DVD-Rom - Marie-Noëlle Cocton, Emilie Marolleau, Emilie Pommier, Delphine Ripaud, Marie Rabin

L'Atelier is a beginners course that encourages students to work together as they learn French.

The course is designed for learners to cooperate to construct meaning from the exercises and to solve specific tasks, to discuss together and think about how the language works, step by step and in a spiral progression.

In addition to the exercises there are cultural discoveries to be made and games to play. Learning strategies are included to aid progression and pronunciation is practised via 34 phonetics videos in the book. The coursebooks include a code that gives access to a digital version of the book.

The workbooks follow the same structure and progression as the coursebooks but also include 8 evaluation pages and 8 sections to prepare for the DELF exams.

Transcripts of the listening texts, an answer key are included with the workbooks and the accompanying CD MP3s contain the oral comprehension exercises for the workbooks.


  • Agir, interagir et apprendre avec plaisir
  • Coopérer pour construire du sens et résoudre des missions concrètes
  • Réfléchir ensemble au fonctionnement de la langue, pas à pas et en spirale
  • S'ouvrir aux autres et se détendre par des découvertes culturelles et des jeux
  • Développer et partager les stratégies d'apprentissage
  • Perfectionner sa prononciation avec 34 vidéos de phonétique
  • Faciliter et enrichir sa pratique d'enseignant avec le guide classe
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    21 x 28.5 cm

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    168 pages

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    13 Juin 2019

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    Éditions Didier

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