There's timely piece in this week's Guardian about the best way to teach modern languages in UK schools. To quote from one of the article's interviewees, "In a lot of European countries they spend more time studying the grammar and structure of their own language - and they do that from a very young age. So by the time they come to learn foreign languages they are aware of the terms and how they're used." Coincidentally, as part of a much welcomed government initiative, this week also sees the arrival of a new test of English grammar for use in primary schools. Picking up on this news, as a fun exercise, both The Guardian and the BBC have created online grammar tests. They offer a good opportunity for both budding and seasoned language learners to reappraise their competence in this area; and for those who feel that their understanding of the rules has been holding them back when learning a second language, the BBC also offer a very useful course in English Grammar for adults on their Skillswise site.