PARISIENNE FRENCH, Chic Phrases, Slang & Style by Rhiannon Jones

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PARISIENNE FRENCH, Chic Phrases, Slang & Style by Rhiannon Jones

160 page hardback with 50 B&W Illustrations

Every girl dreams of living in Paris. But learning to speak the language of the Parisians? That's for the truly stylish dreamers. This book has everything from "I'll have a cosmopolitan" to "I am loving those peeptoe booties."

The ultimate girl-friendly phrasebook to give les filles américaines in Paris that certain je ne sais quoi. Where but Paris would a young woman rather be sipping espresso at a sidewalk café, browsing a fashionable boutique, or strolling along a romantic riverbank hand in hand with her lover? The city of lights is every girl’s dream destination, but upon arrival she doesn’t want to stick out like an unrefined American. Luckily, with Parisienne French, she’ll know just exactly how to speak, act, and dress like she has always lived there.

Whether ordering drinks at a hip underground club, discussing Impressionism at the Musée d’Orsay or just chatting about what fashion is “in” this season, Parisienne French has the entire vocabulary and modern slang a girl needs to know. The French love their language and appreciate when foreigners take the time to know it too. With this book, the reader will be warmly welcomed to la vie parisienne.

PARISIENNE FRENCH - About the Author

Rhianna Jones was born in Chicago, IL, and received a dual degree in French Literature and International Visual Studies from Tufts University. Combining her great passions of writing, fashion and girliness with her eternal love for Paris, this book represents her complete vie parisienne. She is convinced of being Holly Golightly’s grittier modern-day counterpart, and takes that role very seriously. Rhianna currently lives in New York City.

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    12.7 x 17.8 cm

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    31st Oct 2013

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    Ulysses Press

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