Practice Makes Perfect: Complete French All-in-One, Second Edition

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Practice Makes Perfect: Complete French All-in-One, Second Edition by Annie Heminway

The most comprehensive way to learn French – with seven bestselling books in one!

Drawn from seven workbooks from the bestselling Practice Makes Perfect series, this powerhouse volume features all the knowledge and practice you need to master French. With Practice Makes Perfect: Complete French All-in-One, you will build your French vocabulary, straighten out your sentences, overcome your fear of verb tenses, master the intricacies of grammar, and much more. This value-packed workbook covers all the facets of French and offers thorough explanations that are reinforced by hundreds of hands-on practice exercises.

You will, or course, get plenty of practice, practice, practice using all your new French skills. Whether you are learning on your own or taking a beginning French class, Practice Makes Perfect: Complete French All-in-One will help you master French in no time at all.

Annie Heminway, editor, teaches grammar, creative writing, translation, African cinema, and classic and Francophone literature at the SCPS of New York University. She is also a translator and an editor for Francophone publishers. In 2006 she was awarded the Chevalier de L’Ordre des Palmes Académiques by the French government in recognition of her work in promoting the study of French.


  • FLASHCARDS to aid memorization of all vocabulary items
  • STREAMING AUDIO for hundreds of exercise answers to model your pronunciation
  • PROGRESS TRACKER to assess your progress

Practice Makes Perfect: Complete French All-in-One helps you:

  • Learn French vocabulary
  • Get a solid grasp on grammar
  • Determine when to use different verb tenses
  • Master spelling and punctuate rules
  • Converse confidently in your new language
  • Build correct sentence structures

Practice Makes Perfect: Complete French All-in-One, Second Edition - About the Author

Veronique Mazet, PhD, (Austin, TX) is an adjunct professor of French at Austin Community College in Austin, Texas, and is the author of Correct Your French Blunders.

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