The latest issue of Bien-dire, number 140 (janvier-février 2022) and Bien-dire Initial, number 31 (février-mars 2022) have been published in a new format for 2022. Both magazines have been improved with a fresh look that is easier to read. Each article now comes with contextual glossings on points of grammar or culture designed specifically for each level of language attainment (CEFR levels A1-B1 for Bien-dire Initial and levels B1-C2 for Bien dire). In addition, in Bien-dire there is a new section in the magazine on French as its spoken in Francophone countries outside France, whereas in Bien-dire Initial there is new dedicated content for complete beginners, and more practical articles designed to explain everyday life in France. Now, no matter if you're starting out in French, maintaining your level, or pushing on to full fluency in the language, there's never been a better time to learn than with a subscription to either Bien-dire Initial, or Bien-dire, or both magazines!