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    The Shortest History of Germany

    The Shortest History of Germany (OSP01)

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    Regular Price: £8.99

  • Mona Lisa: A Life Discovered by Dianne Hales
  • Four Words for Friend: Why Using More Than One Language Matters Now More Than Ever
  • The Penguin Book of Italian Short Stories (Penguin Classics Hardcover)
  • La Passione: How Italy Seduced the World
  • A Short History of Drunkenness
  • The Origin of Names, Words and Everything in Between by Patrick Foote
  • The Secret Life of Language
  • Talk on the Wild Side: The Untameable Nature of Language
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    Babel: Around the World in 20 Languages

    Babel: Around the World in 20 Languages (PF04)

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    Regular Price: £9.99

  • Around the World in 80 Words: A Journey Through the English Language
  • The History of Spanish: A Student's Introduction
  • Buena Vista: A Colouring Book for Lovers of all Things Spanish
  • Assimil: Learn Spanish: Beginner Level A2
  • Assimil: Cuban Spanish Phrasebook
  • Assimil: Korean Phrasebook
  • Best Seller
    The Archipelago: Italy Since 1945
  • When in Germany, Do as the Germans Do, 2nd Edition
  • Best Seller
    Russian Through Art: For Intermediate to Advanced Students
  • Best Seller
    Notes from the Cévennes: Half a Lifetime in Provincial France
  • Best Seller
    Do You Speak Football? A Glossary of Football Words and Phrases from Around the World
  • Best Seller
    Nabokov's Favourite Word Is Mauve: The literary quirks and oddities of our most-loved authors
  • Word by Word: The Secret Life of Dictionaries
  • Every Word is a Bird We Teach to Sing: Encounters with the Mysteries & Meanings of Language
  • This Little Art

    This Little Art (ELL11)

  • Chinese Script: History, Characters, Calligraphy
  • The Cabinet of Linguistic Curiosities: A Yearbook of Forgotten Words
  • Vulgar Tongues: An Alternative History of English Slang
  • A World Without "Whom": The Essential Guide to Language in the BuzzFeed Age
  • Letters to the Lady Upstairs by Marcel Proust
  • Dent's Modern Tribes: The Secret Languages of Britain
  • Irishisms: Blather, Blarney, Blessings and everything else we say in Ireland
  • A Christmas Cornucopia: The Hidden Stories Behind Our Yuletide Traditions
  • Why the Dutch are Different: A Journey into the Hidden Heart of the Netherlands
  • Living with a Dead Language: My Romance with Latin
  • Veni Vidi Didici: Have Fun Learning Latin with Songs, Games, Puzzles and Jokes by Jason Talley
  • The Bonjour Effect: The Secret Codes of French Conversation Revealed by Julie Barlow, Jean-Benoit Nadeau
  • Quid Pro Quo: What the Romans Really Gave the English Language
  • Proverbs in Irish

    Proverbs in Irish (ELL07)

  • 111 luoghi di Firenze che devi proprio scoprire
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    The Italians

    The Italians (PG042)

    Special Price £9.49

    Regular Price: £10.99

  • Adieu Babel

    Adieu Babel (AL058)

  • Mezzofanti's Gift: The Search for the World's Most Extraordinary Language Learners
  • Assimil Chinese: Chinese Phrasebook (Includes 21 Language Lessons)
  • Assimil German: German Phrasebook (Includes 21 Language Lessons)
  • The Wrong Way For A Pizza
  • A Long Way For A Pizza

    A Long Way For A Pizza (TG006)

  • A Secret Vice - J.R.R. Tolkien
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