35 kilo d'espoir - Anna Gavalda

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35 kilo d'espoir - Anna Gavalda

Paperback 48 pages (A2 Basic User, for a vocabulary of about 650 words)

Grégoire a 13 ans et est en sixième. Il a déjà redoublé deux fois. Il déteste l'école et préfère bricoler avec son grand-père, grand-Léon, qu'il adore. Mais quand Grégoire est envoyé du collège, son grand-père n'est pas content tout. Puis il va en pension et grand-Léon tombe malade. Est-ce que Grégoire va réussir dans sa nouvelle école? Est-ce que qu'il peut aider son grand-père?


Gregory is 13 years old and is in sixth grade. He has already repeated the year twice. He hates school and prefers to tinker with his grandfather, grand-Léon, whom he adores. But when Gregory is sent to college, his grandfather is not happy at all. Then he goes to boarding school and Grand-Léon gets sick. Will Grégoire succeed in his new school? And can he help his grandfather?

Each Egmont Easy Reader includes a simplified text of the story, biographical notes, exercises at the end of chapter, additional explanations of key/difficult vocabulary in the target language as footnotes, and line illustrations, including illustrations designed to help with the comprehension of objects mentioned in the story.


35 kilo d'espoir - Anna Gavalda - About the Author

Anna Gavalda was born in 1970 in Boulogne-Billancourt near Paris. Today, she lives in Melun in the southern suburbs of Paris. She has three brothers and sisters who are her best friends. Anna loves telling stories to everyone and her books are bestsellers, having been translated into about thirty languages. When she's not writing, she takes care of her two children.

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