Éditions Talents Hauts Dual-Language Books

Éditions Talents Hauts Dual-Language Books

Éditions Talents Hauts publish a range of French dual-language books aimed at beginning and intermediate learners. All the books are new novels written in up-to-date language by bilingual writers and alternate French and another language: the first chapter is written in French, the second is written in the second language, and so on. This way, readers begin the novel in one language but, to find out what happens next, they have to switch to the other! Every book presents a bonus section, developed by bilingual parents and educators, with a glossary in each language, a quiz, and cultural information. Languages available include French/English, French/Spanish and French/German.
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  • The Mechanics of Crime - La mécanique du crime
  • Meine liebe, mon vampire
  • Mi amor, mon vampire

    Mi amor, mon vampire (ETH016)

  • Karni Mata

    Karni Mata (ETH014)

  • Imagine Alice

    Imagine Alice (ETH013)

  • Melting Potes

    Melting Potes (ETH012)

  • Secret Divorce - Sophie Michard
  • Train 2055

    Train 2055 (ETH010)

  • Surprise Party

    Surprise Party (ETH009)

  • My love, mon vampire

    My love, mon vampire (ETH008)

  • A Night in the Refuge - Une Nuit Au Refuge
  • My New Life - Ma nouvelle vie
  • On the Bear's Track - Sur la piste de l'ours
  • Witchy Words - Langue de sorcière
  • Forget That I'm Famous - Oublie que je suis célèbre
  • Dolphin Island - L'île aux dauphins
  • Un lazo de sangre - Un lien de sang
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