Eli Graded Readers

Eli Graded Readers
Eli Graded readers or ‘readers’ are audio books that have had the language level simplified to help second language learners read them. The language is graded using the Common European Framework for vocabulary, complexity of grammar structures and also by the number of words. They are made to cater for all levels from beginners through to advance. The text is divided into chapters and is equipped with a glossary at the bottom of each page in a simplified version of the original language. There is also an After-Reading Activities section, at the end of each chapter to help improve memorization and comprehension and each chapter also rounds off with one or more Pre-Reading activities to pre-teach the vocabulary and structures in the subsequent chapter. Useful dossiers focusing on culture and the author are supplied in the classics series. The audio CD or audio MP3 download contains a narration of key passages from the story. Eli Graded Readers are available for learners of French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Russian and English as a Second Language.
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