Che tesori! Viaggio nei siti UNESCO in Italia + downloadable audio

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Che tesori! Viaggio nei siti UNESCO in Italia + downloadable audio

A2 | 64 Pages

Take a journey through Italy's UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Italy is one of the world's richest countries in cultural and natural treasures. It also boasts more UNESCO sites than any other country in the world! In this book you will discover a selection of the most beautiful and amazing places that Italy has to offer - it isn't called "il Belpaese" for nothing!


Travel, Traditions, Art and Architecture


Conjugations of regular and the most common irregular verbs (active/passive/reflexive), Present indicative, Future, Past perfect, Imperfect, Distant past, Imperative form, Use of the infinitive (also introduced by prepositions). Personal pronouns and reflexive pronouns, Possessive and Demonstrative adjectives and pronouns. Qualifiers, Superlatives, Adverbs (-mente), Adverbs of time, place, quantity. Interrogative form, Subordinate clauses.

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    20.6 x 14.6 x 0.8 cm

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    64 pages

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    March 2019

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    ELI Publishing

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