Un cargo pour Berlin - Fred Paronuzzi

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Un cargo pour Berlin - Fred Paronuzzi

Paperback 56 pages (A2 User, for a vocabulary of about 1200 words)

Nour lives in Saïda in Algeria. She is 16 years old and a brilliant student! Her family is poor though, and Nour will not be able to continue in High School. Madame Bouraoui, the principal at school, suggests that Nour works as a cleaning lady at her house to earn money to continue school. Everything seems like a success, until Nour falls in love with Mme Bouraoui's nephew, Idriss. When Mme Bouraoui finds out they have a secret love affair, she sends Nour home to her parents. But... Nour carries a secret...


Un cargo pour Berlin - Fred Paronuzzi - About the Author

Fred Paronuzzi was born in 1967 in Ugine Savoie where he still lives. He has traveled extensively to teach French in Canada, Scotland and Slovakia. Apart from his activities as a writer, he is also a professor of literature and English in a vocational school.

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    Egmont Easy Readers

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