Mondes en VF (Editions Didier)

Mondes en VF (Editions Didier)
A new collection of adult readers to discover contemporary francophone literature, for levels A1 - B1 written by authors from Belgium, Congo, France, Cameroon, Guadeloupe, Tunisia, Switzerland and Quebec. Open to all horizons of the Francophonie, the Mondes en VF collection bears witness to literature in touch with the realities of today's world. Personal perspectives - funny, tender or bitter - on our changing worlds, the stories in this collection are all doors to the pleasure of reading in French. With "Mondes en VF" you can experience French in all its forms, the French of men and women of the world, who speak about their worlds. Audio recordings are available to download for free on the collection's website, as well as additional teaching ideas, introductory sheets to facilitate writing workshops in French as a foreign language, resources for vocabulary, information on literary genres, literature by country, resources on specific themes and biographies of the authors to help with study of the texts in the classroom.
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