Aula Internacional Plus: Libro del alumno + MP3 descargable 1 (A1)

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Aula Internacional Plus: Libro del alumno + MP3 descargable 1 (A1) - Jaime Corpas et al.

Aula Internacional Plus is the updated (2020) version of the best-selling Spanish-as-a-Foreign-Language course, Aula Internacional - Nueva edición.

Boasting highly adaptable content, this comprehensive manual includes the following new features:

  • A brand-new format for the teacher's books (a single volume, comprising the student's book, annotations with teaching suggestions, and answers).

The teacher's books incorporate the following four study plans, thus enabling teachers to adapt the content according to the needs of their students:

  1. Basic study plan: this option has the least amount of reading hours per level, and is suitable for students who want to advance more quickly.
  2. Alternative study plan: a study plan that covers activities in a non-lineal order, suitable for groups with several expert students.
  3. Flipped classroom study plan: this includes suggestions on how to apply flipped classroom tips and techniques, to find a balance between work in the classroom and at home.
  4. Premium digital study plan: this plan integrates all the digital resources in the textbook and on Campus Difusión: gramaclips, mini videos, projectable sheets, short films, current journalism, etc.

Alternative options for activities:

  1.  Some activities have a digital icon, thus denoting that the activity in question can be undertaken using digital resources.
  2. Alternative audio files are available on Campus Difusión: these are designed to enrich and expand students' listening practice.
  3. Alternative texts are available on Campus Difusión, allowing teachers to choose between several documents and adapt their lessons based on their students' interests.
  4. Text mapping is available on Campus Difusión, so students can see vocabulary and preposition placement.

New sections and resources (more details can be found by viewing the description for each of the student's books).

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