Chinese Character Writing For Dummies

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Chinese Character Writing For Dummies by Wendy Abraham

Practice your way to writing 100 CHINESE CHARACTERS with stroke-by-stroke instructions and plenty of space to practice!

Learn to write 100 common Chinese characters

Billions of people worldwide speak Chinese—and now you can learn to write 100 characters in the world's most-spoken language! Whether you're taking a course, looking to get ahead at work, or just want to up the ante when you're communicating with Chinese-speaking family and friends, Chinese Character Writing For Dummiesgets you up to speed fast. Speaking Chinese will take you far—and learning to write some of the most common characters will only take you farther!


  • Grasp how characters are structured
  • Decipher the strokes
  • Know how a Chinese dictionary works
  • Explore the Six Scripts
  • Make sense of phonetic compounds
  • Brush up on calligraphy tools
  • Discover the origins of Chinese script
  • Find bonus words and phrases in the appendixes

Chinese For Dummies, 3rd edition - About the Author: 

Dr. Wendy Abraham is an award-winning public speaker who has taught Chinese language, literature, and culture at universities throughout the U.S. Wendy is the creator and director of international academic, cultural, and travel programs, holds a doctorate from Columbia University, and pursued a PhD in Chinese literature at Stanford University. FREE access to conversational audio tracks online

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    2 July 2019

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