La coscienza di Zeno + downloadable audio

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La coscienza di Zeno + downloadable audio - Italo Svevo

A2 | 112 Pages

A masterpiece of twentieth-century European literature that recounts the tragicomic story of a man, Zeno Cosini, who, following the advice of his psychoanalyst, retraces the moments of his life.

Zeno comes from a rich family in Trieste, lives in idleness and has a difficult relationship with his father. In love, in friendship, in work he always feels inadequate and this makes him believe he is suffering from a serious illness. In reality he will discover only with the passing of the years that he is not the one who is sick, but rather the society in which he lives.


Society, Family, Love


Conjugations of regular verbs and the most common irregular verbs - Reflexive verbs - Present indicative - Present perfect - Imperatives - Conditional for wishes/desires - Auxiliary verbs - Modal verbs (potere, volere, dovere) - Personal pronouns (including stressed pronouns), reflexive and relative pronouns - Possessive, demonstrative and interrogative adjectives and pronouns.

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    112 pages

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    March 2019

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    ELI Publishing

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