HABLA A2 Spanish Online Course / Curso online de español

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HABLA A2 Spanish Online Course / Curso online de español

HABLA is the new Spanish online method for beginners (A2). This Spanish course is based on students’ participation in ordinary real-life situations.

UNITS 16-30 include: 15 episodes of the comic series Spanish Sitcom, 19 videos to learn vocabulary, 100 dialogues, 250 interactive and correctable exercises.

Course duration: Each set of 5 lessons takes about 35 hours to complete, and about 105 hours for an entire level of 15 units. The numbers of

hours is approximate, and depends on each student, and varies according to the difficulty of the units. The first units are easier in order to avoid frustrating students. At the end of each set of 5 units there is a self-evaluation exam.

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Purchase conditions:

  • Please note that only one user can log-in at a time.
  • Students may request a change to a level that better matches their ability, as long as the request is made within 48 hours after the time of purchase.

HABLA A2 Spanish Online Course / Curso online de español - Contents

  1. In the city. Places and urban transport. Atonic and tonic pronouns. Participles.
  2. Sports and moods. Expressing concern, desire and admiration. Indefinite pronouns.
  3. A doctor visit. Verbs and health-related nouns and pains. Body parts. The imperative.
  4. Let’s go shopping. Names for shopping, clothes and accessories. Verbs related to shopping.
  5. Let’s go cooking. Nouns, verbs and adjectives related to the preparation of meals. The imperative negative…, and self-assessment test.
  6. We talk about politics. Nouns and verbs related to the life and political views. Expressing agreement and disagreement. Passive and impersonal phrases with se.
  7. The Internet and business world. Nouns and verbs related to computers and communications. Adverbs ending in mente. Treatment in formal and informal letters and emails.
  8. A job interview. Personal information in interviews and job applications. The present perfect.
  9. Looking for a house or flat. Housing types. Parts and housing properties. The simple form of present perfect.
  10. We are going on a trip. Geographical locations. Travel-related actions. Time expressions. The simple form of present perfect for irregular verbs…, and self-assessment test.
  11. Studies: careers and subjects. The memories of the past. Nouns and verbs related to the world of studies. The past tenses in Spanish.
  12. The appearance of people. Verbs and adjectives of physical description. The gerund. The verb estar plus the gerund.
  13. The world of art: museums, cinema, theater. Names related to artistic expression. Gerund periphrasis. The expression of tastes and desires.
  14. The countryside and the city: rustic spaces and urban spaces. Animals and plants in the countryside. Social relationships.
  15. Our everyday life. Nouns and verbs related to personal hygiene. Gerund periphrasis…, and self-assessment test.

HABLA A2 Spanish Online Course / Curso online de español - About the publishers

Since 2006 Habla con Eñe have published award-winning language courses and cultural resources for learners of Spanish as a foreign language from their offices in Madrid and Barcelona. Their products are also used extensively by teachers of Spanish in over 20 countries worldwide.

Level of Spanish: A2

Key to the Council of Europe’s Common Reference for Languages:

  • A1: Novice
  • A2: Intermediate
  • B1: Advanced Low
  • B2: Advanced Medium
  • C1: Advanced High
  • C2: Superior

HABLA A2 v Spanish Sitcom A2 - What are the differences?

  • The online course offers you complementary sections for each lesson: Vocabulary, Practical usage and Pronunciation
  • Supplementary videos to help you learn (19 videos for Habla A2)
  • 100 additional audio dialogues
  • Practice what you have learned with more than 250 interactive and self-correcting exercises
  • Test your pronunciation with a microphone and compare it with the audio samples
  • More than 50 hours of work
  • Study Spanish whenever and wherever you have an internet connection. Works on tablets and mobile devices.
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    March 2016

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    Habla con Eñe

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