Meeting the French, A Kolibri Practical Guide to Lifestyle, Manners and Language

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Meeting the French, A Kolibri Practical Guide to Lifestyle, Manners and Language by Pam Bourgeois

Paperback, 98 pages + 1 Audio CD

Learn French with Kolibri Languages Practical Guides, written especially for Francophiles who want to understand the French way of life in depth and to speak French with confidence.

The Practical French learning Guides are based on creative and effective teaching methods that highlight the need for cultural awareness when learning French. Understanding what is going on, knowing what people will say, being able to react and respond appropriately are the recipe for successful conversations and contacts with French people.

Dealing with key topics including travel and daily life, Kolibri Languages’ Practical Guides will help deepen your understanding of French culture as you progress in the French language.

With this second book in the Kolibri Languages Practical Guides series, you will discover everything you need to know when meeting French people.

Find out what to expect if you are invited for an apéritif, a meal or a French wedding. Know when to use tu or vous and understand regional differences. Learn how to talk about the weather, everyday life and even politics and gain valuable insights into the French sense of humour.

 Cultural tips, historical anecdotes, useful words and expressions, amusing idioms, quizzes and key information will help you understand the French way of life.

  • Find out what to expect when you are invited for an apéritif.
  • Know when to use tu and vous.
  • Understand regional differences.
  • Learn how to greet people in formal and informal situations.
  • Discover when to faire la bise.
  • Obtain tips on keeping up a conversation in French.
  • Be prepared if you are invited to a French wedding.
  • Gain insights into the French sense of humour.

The audio CD, included with the book, contains all the key French vocabulary from the book and will also help you with French pronunciation so you will feel confident when talking with French people.

Meeting the French will help you prepare your trip and will be a unique souvenir when you return home. Order your copy today!

Meeting the French - Contents

Foreword 6

PART 1. INVITATIONS 7, L’apéritif 8, Le dîner 15, Un séjour 22, Un mariage 29

PART 2. MEETING PEOPLE 37, Les rencontres formelles 38, Les rencontres informelles 45, La famille 52, Les différences régionales 59

PART 3. WHAT TO SAY 67, La météo et la santé 68, La politique 75, La vie de tous les jours 82, L’humour 89

Meeting the French - About the Author

Pam Bourgeois's name has long been associated with creative and effective language learning methods. Her techniques for learning French and other European languages are based on years of experience running language schools for an international clientele and creating language study materials in Europe and Africa. She has worked as a consultant in business French for the BBC and co-authored OBJECTIFS: ASSIGNMENTS IN PRACTICAL LANGUAGE SKILLS (Cambridge University Press).

Pam has lived and worked for over 25 years in France where she established language schools, created and was editor-in-chief of several language magazines and developed a series of over 30 audio learning guides in three languages.

Her expertise in language acquisition and passion for cultural understanding inspired her to create Kolibri Languages and publish a series of practical guides to lifestyle, manners and language. These Learn French audio book guides highlight the importance of cultural awareness when learning a language and visiting another country.

Meeting the French - Readership

Suitable for French Beginners (A1 of the Common European Framework), French Advanced Beginners (A2), French Lower Intermediate Learners (B1), and French Upper Intermediate Learners (B2).

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    November 2012

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  1. An interesting, useful guide to French culture and getting to know people.
    France is a beautiful country, and its citizens, often casually dismissed as "rude," are interesting and generous people, once you get to know them. Any visit to France can be enhanced by the people you meet there, but some of their customs and habits may be surprising or difficult to understand. Reading up on French culture before you go can help you make the most of your trip.

    Meeting the French is the second "practical guide to lifestyle, manners and language" by Kolibri Languages. This French audiobook is divided into three sections.

    Part 1: Invitations explains what to expect when a friend invites you over for un apéro (cocktail), goes over dinner conversation and table settings, offers useful phrases to use when staying with friends, and describes some traditional wedding customs.

    Part 2: Meeting People compares formal and informal meetings, including vous vs tu and les bises; discusses family traditions; and presents some regional differences in language and culture.

    Part 3: What to Say offers advice on making small talk (weather and health are safe topics), explains how the French talk about politics, and discusses French humor. Each part is divided into sections with useful info, cultural tips, keyword lists, essential phrases, and a short quiz to help reinforce the new vocabulary and customs. There are color photos throughout, as well as a CD offering audio files of all the vocabulary, phrases, and language tips to help you develop your listening comprehension and pronunciation skills in preparation for your next encounter with the French.

    The Bottom Line
    An interesting, useful guide to French culture and getting to know people.
    Verdict: 5-Stars

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