English-French Translation A Practical Manual, 1st Edition

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English-French Translation A Practical Manual, 1st Edition by Christophe Gagne, Emilia Wilton-Godberfford

English-French Translation: A Practical Manual allows advanced learners of French to develop their translation and writing skills. This book provides a deeper understanding of French grammatical structures, the nuances of different styles and registers and helps increase knowledge of vocabulary and idiomatic language.

The manual provides a wealth of practical tasks based around carefully selected extracts from the diverse text types students are likely to encounter, from literary and expository, to persuasive and journalistic. A mix of shorter targeted activities and lengthier translation pieces guides learners through the complexities and challenges of translation from English into French.

This comprehensive manual is ideal for advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students in French language and translation.

English-French Translation A Practical Manual, 1st Edition - Contents

1. Le mot juste 2. Transposition and Modulation 3. Translating Sentences: Word Order and Syntax 4. A Tense Affair 5. Traduttore, traditore! 6. The Perils of Poetry 7. Audiovisual Translation

English-French Translation A Practical Manual, 1st Edition - About the Author(s)

Christophe Gagne is Senior Language Teaching Officer in French at the University of Cambridge and a Fellow of Churchill College, Cambridge, UK.

Emilia Wilton-Godberfforde is Lecturer in French at the Open University and a life member of Clare Hall College, Cambridge, UK.

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    30 Dec. 2020

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