Easy Italian Crossword Puzzles

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Learn Italian through crossword puzzles!

Easy Italian Crossword Puzzles offers beginning students of Italian--and those who are brushing up--an entertaining but effective way of expanding their word power in Italian. The parole incrociate in this book cover a wide variety of topics related to the activities and concerns of daily life. They will challenge you and help you develop your Italian-language skills.

The crosswords in this book have been arranged according to difficulty. They begin with simple English-to-Italian puzzles, followed by Italian-to-English puzzles. You will find the more demanding Italian-to-Italian puzzles in the last third of the book. Each puzzle is also built around a specific theme, such as the weather, the house, sports, modes of transportation, furniture, and parts of the body.

If you have any difficulty with a puzzle clue, complete solutions have been provided at the back of the book.

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    Nov 1989

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