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Brazilian Portuguese For Dummies 3rd edition by Karen Jacobson-Sive

Language learning is easy with Dummies

Brazilian Portuguese For Dummies can help you achieve your goals of learning another language. Traveling to Brazil? Taking a class in school? Want to meet people and pick up a new hobby? Just curious about the sixth most spoken language in the world? We’ve got you covered, with easy-to-follow lessons on the basics, plus phrases and topics you need to know, like greetings, travel phrases, business phrases, numbers and measurements, and social media. Add speaking Portuguese to the long list of cool things you can do―with the help of Brazilian Portuguese For Dummies.

  • Start from the beginning and learn the very basics of Brazilian Portuguese
  • Practice authentic phrases for travel, business, and communicating online
  • Perfect your pronunciation with bonus audio tracks, and discover fun facts about Brazilian culture
  • Get recommendations for movies, travel tips, and more

Whether you’re studying Portuguese for business, school, or pleasure, Dummies is the best guide for getting started with this beautiful language.

Brazilian Portuguese For Dummies 3rd edition - About the Author:

Karen Jacobson-Sive is fluent in Brazilian Portuguese. She worked as a journalist in Brazil for many years before re-locating to New York where she taught language classes. She is the author of the previous editions of Portuguese For Dummies.

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