Electronic Dictionary Bookmark Bilingual (Italian-English, English-Italian)

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This is the new Electronic Dictionary Bilingual Bookmark that everyone needs to have. No-one wants to lose the plot right in the middle of a book when they bump into a word they don't understand! Here's a neat idea that means you don't even have to scuttle off to the bookshelf to find out.

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Electronic Dictionary Bookmark Bilingual (Italian-English, English-Italian)


All the words - in 2 languages. Type in your word in one language and find out the equivalent word in the other. Many words also state alternate usage and have additional variations for better explanation which makes it the ideal companion for study and to travel. Extremely convenient and pretty comprehensive too as the data we use is taken from the ‘Collins Gem’ series which are amongst the most popular modern language dictionaries available today. These four compact devices are smartly colour coded for French - English, German - English, Spanish – English and Italian - English. Splendido! as I think they say in Italian. I’ll just check...

>Electronic Dictionary Bookmark also comes with a battery-preserving power shut off and full operating instructions.

Just how thin can a dictionary be? The Electronic Dictionary Bookmark is just 45mm wide, has a 2.5mm thick keypad (10mm for the screen) and is 170mm high.

This Electronic Dictionary Bookmark are bilingual (two language) devices - one language in and the second language out i.e. Italian in and English out, English in and Italian out.

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    Supplied with 1 x replaceable Lithium Cell Battery (CR2032, 3v)

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