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Spanish Practical Grammar by Rosa María Martín and Martyn Ellis

An introductory Spanish grammar reference and practice book which can be used as a supplement to the Pasos range or independently for self-study.

A reference and grammar practice book containing clear, accessible grammar explanations with examples and extension in both Spanish and English. Basic rules, forms and examples are presented in a simple and accessible way before learners move on to further and more complex uses and forms of the same items, with numerous practice exercises. There are examples of everyday language throughout, to show grammar being used naturally, and these are paired with translations illustrating how the two languages coincide or differ.

Ease of use: Numerous cross-references highlight related grammatical points and En breve summaries enable you to see at a glance what you have studied.

The book also contains: a glossary of grammatical terms, Latin American variants of grammar rules and guidance on pronunciation and spelling.

It is an ideal for anyone who is learning Spanish and wants a comprehensive resource and extensive grammar practice. It is perfectly suited to accompany the Pasos range Course Pack 1 or Course Pack 2. It also complements any other Spanish language course.

Spanish Practical Grammar - About the Authors:

Rosa María Martín is Director of the Language Learning Unit at Queen Mary and Westfield College and an experienced language teacher and adviser.

Martyn Ellis is Principal of Target Language Services and is a renowned specialist in language teaching and learning. Both are best-selling authors of several language-teaching series, including the 4-part schools Spanish course Aventura.

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