Azione! Imparare l'italiano con i video A1-B2

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Azione! Imparare l'italiano con i video A1-B2

An engaging multimedial course designed for groups of students at different language levels and who learn at different rates (Beginners - Upper intermediate, CEFR levels A1-B2). 16 thematic units offer a wide range of authentic videos and images together with activities to develop lexical, grammatical, communicative, pragmatic, cultural and intercultural skills, including a focus on oral production. Each unit is complete with a variety of supplementary online activities that are subdivided into three phases: preparation, consolidation, in-depth study.

The 16 units are as follows: Al bar, In albergo, In città, Come'è la tua casa?, Che bel vestito!, Al supermercato, Che cosa mangiamo?, Dove hai studiato?, La tua città ideale, Come vivevamo, Come vivremo, Nuove technologie, Made in Italy, Prodotti tipici, In cerca di lavoro.

Each of the 65 videos aim to retain the interest of the students at higher levels, while aiding the comprehension of weaker students through the association of words and images and the use of inductive and deductive strategies.

Varied activities and a rich and broad range of vocabulary motivate students including those who progress more quickly, within the context of cooperative learning and through flexibile and interactive teaching.

The book comes with free online access to the videos (with and without subtitles), audio tracks, supplementary activities, answer keys, as well as a teacher's guide and multilingual glossaries. You will also find the audio and video transcripts at the back of the book and an Italian-English glossary. Access to a digital version of the textbook is also included.

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    January 2014

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    Loescher Editore

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