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The Kanji Dictionary by Mark Spahn and Wolfgang Hadamizky

The Kanji Dictionary employs a multiple-reference compound system in which every kanji compound is listed under each of its component characters. Includes 47,000-plus of the most common and important terms and expressions currently used as well as newly coined terms, particularly those in new technical fields.

The Kanji Dictionary - About the Author

Wolfgang Hadamitzky is a librarian of the East Asia section of the Berlin State Library. He has worked in Oslo and Tokyo on the staff of the German Cultural Institute (Goethe Institute).

Mark Spahn has a background in mathematics, engineering, and computer science. He has worked in Japan as a teacher, computer magazine writer, programmer, and translator. He presently resides in the United States, where he is active as a translator and consultant. Other titles by the same authors include A Guide to Writing Kanji and Kana (Tuttle Publishing) and The Kanji Dictionary (Tuttle Publishing).

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    9 January 1998

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    Tuttle Publishing

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