Finnish: An Essential Grammar, 3rd Edition

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Finnish: An Essential Grammar, 3rd Edition

By Fred Karlsson

This thoroughly revised third edition of Finnish: An Essential Grammar is grounded in fundamental insights of modern linguistics and incorporates some of the latest achievements in the description of written and spoken Finnish.

It gives a systematic account of the structures of the written language and offers increased attention to the key characteristics of present-day colloquial Finnish. No prior knowledge is assumed on the part of the reader and grammatical rules are clearly explained without jargon.

Features of this new edition include:

  • pronunciation guide, including the tendencies in present-day colloquial Finnish
  • thorough descriptions of morphology (word structure) and syntax (sentence structure)
  • clear rules and an abundance of concrete examples, from both written and colloquial Finnish
  • updated vocabulary in the examples
  • an effective new scheme for detecting the morphological structure of any word form
  • subject index

This is the ideal reference source both for those studying Finnish independently and for students in schools, colleges, universities and adult classes of all types.

Finnish: An Essential Grammar, 3rd Edition - About the Author

Fred Karlsson is Professor Emeritus of General Linguistics at the University of Helsinki.

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    14 May 2015

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