Attiva il lessico - Federica Colombo

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Attiva il lessico - Federica Colombo (A2/B1)


These two books offer adult self-learners of Italian activities to revise, consolidate and enrich their vocabulary. They are divided into 20 short chapters, each of which has a ' thematic unity; the progression of the chapters is not binding and it allows the student  to adapt it to their own needs. The words and expressions are presented and practiced in short texts or dialogues or activities or combination of classification based on the similarities of meaning. The approach of these books is based on the principle that the words are acquired effectively when they meet in a communicative context or when their meaning is defined in comparison and in combination with other words.

Following the directions of the Common European Framework, the topics selected for this book are related to areas of most immediate relevance for communication in familiar and everyday situations.

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    25.6 x 19 x 0.8 cm

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    August 2013

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    Mondadori Education

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