ELI Graded Reader: Sans famille + downloadable audio

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ELI Graded Reader: Sans famille + downloadable audio

B1 | 128 Pages

Je suis un enfant trouvé. Mais jusqu'a huit ans j'ai cru comme tous les autres enfants que j'avais une mère, car lorsque je pleurais, il y avait une femme qui me serrait si doucement dans ses bras, que mes larmes s'arrêtaient de couler.

One evening a man entered the house, and my childhood suddenly stopped. I learned from him that the woman who cherished me was not my mother, and that he, her husband, had found me on the street one early morning, in Paris, on his way to work. If he had agreed to raise me, it was in the hope of a reward. Eight years later,

my parents hadn't turned up, so he hired me out to an acrobat for a few francs. The rest is the story of my life on the road in France and elsewhere in search of a family, my family.

Grammar: determiners, proper nouns and common nouns; capital letters and punctuation; The feminine and the plural of nouns and adjectives; Adjectives and indefinite pronouns, personal pronoun subjects and complements.

Themes: The countryside

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    21 x 14.4 x 0.6 cm

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    128 pages

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    31 Mar. 2020

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    ELI Publishing

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