Le piano de Margot + CD - Domitille Hatuel

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Le piano de Margot + CD - Domitille Hatuel

A2 | 64 Pages

Margot spends the day working on her piano pieces. She spends a few hours on her keyboard, but she still isn't happy...

Margot is a bright student. She plays the piano and has to prepare a concert for the music festival. She is passionate, but between high school, the upcoming exam, her friends and the days out with them, at the end of the school year Margot's life is getting complicated and she feels unmotivated. But an encounter will change everything...

Syllabus: The family, clothes, musical instruments, transport, feelings.

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    20.6 x 14.6 x 0.8 cm

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    64 pages

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    31 Mar. 2018

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    ELI Publishing

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