The Routledge Intermediate Welsh Reader (Routledge Modern Language Readers)

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The Routledge Intermediate Welsh Reader is a comprehensive reader designed to provide varied, stimulating and up-to-date reading material for learners of Welsh at the intermediate level.

The Welsh Reader provides a bridge between basic literacy skills and the ability to read full novels and newspapers in Welsh. It consists of thirty-five authentic readings, graded on the basis of complexity of vocabulary, grammar and syntax. These readings are drawn from a range of contemporary sources such as newspapers and magazines as well as novels and historical works.

It is ideal for learners who already possess a knowledge of essential grammar and vocabulary and who wish to expand their knowledge of the language through contextualized reading material.

Key features include:

  • Extracts of modern literature and newspaper/magazine articles.
  • Vocabulary lists for quick reference.
  • Short grammar explanations of any complicated structures.
  • Initial consonant mutations marked typographically.
  • Comprehension and discussion questionsfull answer key.

Suitable for both class use and independent study, The Routledge Intermediate Welsh Reader is an essential tool for facilitating vocabulary learning and increasing reading proficiency.

About the Author 

Gareth King is the author of numerous books on language and languages for Routledge/Taylor & Francis and Oxford University Press, including a range of well-known and popular titles written for learners of Welsh.

He did his first degree during the Cold War, emerging from Cambridge University with the then customary degree in Russian, Czech and Old Church Slavonic, and sensibly went on some years later to do an MA in Old Irish and Scottish Gaelic at Aberystwyth, learning Welsh in the process.

December 2010 saw the publication of his extensive revision and expansion of George Campbell's well-known Concise Compendium of the World's Languages, followed exactly two years later by a similar updating of the original 2-volume edition. He now divides his time between writing, acting as consultant for a major publisher, and pursuing a wide range of interests that includes fin-de-siècle Paris, curry and Finno-Ugrian languages.

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