L'Étranger - Albert Camus

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A collection of annotated contemporary French literary classics in an accessible format. The complete French text is accompanied by an extensive glossary of difficult words and phrases in English. Each book comes with a critical introduction which examines the themes and structures of the book. Suitable for intermediate-advanced learners.

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In "The Outsider," his classic existentialist novel, Camus explores the predicament of the individual who refuses to conform to the rules of society and is prepared to face the indifference of the universe, courageously and alone.

L'Etranger has the force and fascination of myth. The outwardly simple narrative of an office clerk who kills an Arab, 'a cause du soleil', and finds himself condemned to death for moral insensibility becomes, in Camus's hands, a powerful image of modern man's impatience before Christian philosophy and conventional social and sexual values. For this new edition Ray Davison makes use of recent critical analysis of L'Etranger to give a full and concise description of Camus's early philosophy of the Absurd and the ideas and preoccupations from which the novel emerges. Davison also discusses the developing pattern of Camus's notion of the art of the novel, his views on 'classicism', simplicity and ambiguity, his fondness for paradox, and his love of everyday situations which yield to mythical interpretation.

The book is reprinted in a new format as part of the Routledge Foreign Literature Classics series.

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    17th November 1988

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