La lingua italiana e le sue regole

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La lingua italiana e le sue regole - Gabriella Debetto

Paperback, 288 pages. Level A1/B2.

Learn the rules that govern Italian language and reinforce your knowledge with this grammar text and exercises.

La lingua italiana e le sue regole is designed to help learners of Italian develop their understanding and use of grammar. The book describes and explains how to use various grammatical structures, in a gradual sequence that supports the consolidation of students' skills. The book encourages the learner to observe language patterns before identifying and explaining grammatical rules.

The learner's observation process is guided through a variety of texts representing different genres and contexts, and graduated according to morpho-syntactic complexity and length. The texts have been chosen to give students an insight into Italian culture, and to illustrate a variety of textual genres (such as advertisements, radio news, news reports, and reviews).

The book is divided into 30 units and starts with topics such as phonology and spelling, leading on to morphology, phrase and sentence structure. Each topic is organised into two levels according to the CEFR, finishing at Upper Intermdiate level B2. Audio tracks, transcripts and solutions to the exercises can be accessed online, as well as further activities and a teacher's guide.


  • Spiegazioni semplici, che mirano alla selezione e alla messa in rilievo dei contenuti essenziali di fonologia, ortografia, morfologia e sintassi, intervallati da brevi esercizi di prima applicazione delle regole (riquadri Prima verifica).
  • Esercizi di riepilogo alla fine di ogni sezione.
  • Mappe semplificate per il ripasso alla fine di ogni unità.
  • Uso di un carattere ad alta leggibilità.
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