Método 5 de español: Libro del alumno C1-C2 by Salvador Peláez Santamaría et al.

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Método 5 de español: Libro del alumno (C1-C2) by Salvador Peláez Santamaría et al.

Covering CEFR levels C1-C2 in one volume, the level 5 student's book is suitable for intensive courses, offering around 100-120 hours' study time (depending on whether the course is focusing exclusively on level C1 or both levels (C1 and C2).

Orientated towards oral expression and the pragmatic uses of language production and linguistic performance, it places the focus on the student and their effectiveness in communicating in Spanish.

The book includes contains a link to the audio content downloadable for the publisher's website.

The structure of the book is as follows:

  • "Contextos" (immersion in the area of communication via written texts or audio excerpts).
  • "Estrategias, normas y usos" (drawing conclusions from the content provided, and reflecting on and practising the language via a wide range of activities).
  • "En comunicación" (revising the contents presented in each unit through real-life contexts).

In the part of the book covering CEFR level C2, there is one section on "Contextos" and another on "Estrategias, normas y usos". Both parts of the book (C1 and C2) include a grammar and vocabulary summary.


Método 5 ofrece una secuencia intensiva, pensada para desarrollarse en unas 100-120 horas de clase, dependiendo de si se trabaja exclusivamente el nivel C1 o ambos niveles (C1 y C2). Este método incluye el apartado dedicado al nivel C2, que consta de una sección de 'Contextos' y otra de 'Estrategias, normas y usos'. Tanto en el apartado del C1 como del C2, se incluye una sección de gramática y léxico donde se recogen sistematizados los contenidos fundamentales de la unidad.

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