¡Genial! Libro del alumno y Cuaderno de actividades 1 (A2) + audio descargable

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¡Genial! Libro del alumno y Cuaderno de actividades 1 (A1) + audio descargable by Nitzia Tudela et al.

The level A2 manual (comprising the student's book and exercise book in one handy volume) is packed full of tried-and-tested interactive classroom activities. Spelling and phonetics are carefully integrated into the contents, and close attention is paid throughout to learners' differing styles of learning. There are also concise explanations relating to the contexts in which the language is used, to aid understanding.

Furthermore, each unit contains an audiovisual section called 'A escena' where students can practise different aspects of the language by watching and listening to videos (available on YouTube either with or without subtitles) that show everyday situations with a touch of added humour.

At the end of every unit there is a section called 'Bánco de léxico' so that students can practise vocabulary.

The audio content can be downloaded for free via the publisher's website.

At the front of the book (on the inside cover) there is a printed code permitting access (for one whole year) to the Blink Learning platform ( www.blinklearning.com ), where students can access a digital version of the book plus a wealth of self-correcting exercises. This will enable learners to practise Spanish on their phones, computers or tablets, and will also allow teachers to project the book on an interactive whiteboard.


¡Genial! is a course for adolescents and adults that follows the CEFR and the PCIC (Plan Curricular del Instituto Cervantes). With a strong emphasis on a task-based learning approach, it takes into account students' diverse learning styles and needs as well as the reality of teaching Spanish to groups in different contexts. Special attention is given to pragmatics, cultural differences, Spanish variations and the development of learning strategies, amongst other things. ¡Genial! covers CEFR levels A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2 respectively. Each level provides between 100-120 hours' study time.

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    May 2018

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