McGraw-Hill's Classic Chinese Reader

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McGraw-Hill's Classic Chinese Reader by Huan Xiong

Enhance your Chinese language skills through literature and culture

You can drill grammar, you can memorize vocabulary; but to truly fortify your Chinese skills you have to read in the language. McGraw-Hill's Classic Chinese Reader strengthens your reading comprehension skills and vocabulary through selections from Chinese literature including poetry, folklore, classic stories and novels, and modern drama. The texts are handpicked especially for the needs of students learning Chinese and are presented in both simplified characters and pinyin, so you will enjoy an authentic reading experience with less difficulty.

  • Build your reading comprehension skills and vocabulary
  • Add new words and phrases to your vocabulary
  • Learn about the history, life, and culture of China

McGraw-Hill's Classic Chinese Reader - About the Author

Huan Xiong, PhD, is a lecturer in Chinese language and social studies at the Irish Institute of Chinese Studies. Her project "Chinese Teaching and Learning in Irish Higher Education" won the 2008 European Language Award.

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    Chinese (Mandarin)

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    25.2 x 17.8 x 1.5 cm

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    1 Sep 2013

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    McGraw Hill

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    McGraw Hill

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