Grammatiche ALMA: Gli articoli italiani. Libro

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Grammatiche ALMA: Gli articoli italiani. Libro - T. Kukic

"Il" or "lo"? With the article or without?

A rich, easy-to-use workbook dedicated entirely to one of the trickiest topics of Italian grammar: the articles.

The numerous rules of use are presented in a clear and visual way, so that students can immediately determine which article to use in a given situation.

Suitable for post-beginner students (CEFR level A2) the book is also very useful for intermediate level students (B1) to reinforce their practical skills and for students of intermediate-advanced level (B2) to tackle more troublesome topics, such as the omission of the article or the use of articles combined with prepositions and the use of partitives.

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    220x280 mm

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    15 Feb. 2022

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    Alma Edizioni

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