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Right from the first page, "French From the Word GO" initiates you into the key sentence patterns of the French language and shows you how to build your own sentences. Organised by themes, the guide gives you the tools to meet real-life situations in France.

You also have at your fingertips a rich and varied vocabulary list, useful and common expressions and ready-made sentences allowing you to communicate with ease...from the word GO!

150-page book

(There is also a CD available with this book which is sold in a pack as: French from the Word Go! Conversation Kit)


Setting the standard for 80 years.

The Assimil brand was created exactly 80 years ago with its first method, "L'Anglais Sans Peine", for learning English.


Assimil pioneered self-study language methods in France and is now a household name for foreign-language learning. Assimil offers a new way to learn: an original and effective method based on the principle of intuitive assimilation - a world first.

Instant success

From the outset, Assimil's methods proved highly popular. The first sentence of "L'Anglais Sans Peine" - My tailor is rich - has become a catchphrase in France.

A method that works

Students learn a language in its linguistic and cultural context, while focusing on oral communication. What better proof of success than the sale of millions of self-study methods since 1929? To date, more than 35 million people around the world have learned or are learning a language with Assimil.

New developments

Assimil has continuously updated its self-study methods, but its main focus is on expanding the catalogue. More than 100 offerings are now available, from European and regional languages to the most "exotic" languages.   Over the years, Assimil has adapted to new media, from 78 rpm vinyl records to MP3, and is ready for exciting new developments in the 21st century, such as e-learning.



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