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Édito 2e édition: Cahier d'activités A2 + didierfle.app - Roxane Amoravain, Valérie Blasco, Marie Gatin, Marie-Laure Lions-Olivieri

The coursebook contains 12 units with one theme per unit covered in depth via all 4 skills. Authentic communicative tasks are used to develop students' know-how in their interactions. The written, audio and video support documents are all recent and taken mainly from French and Francophone media but also include literary texts and recorded dialogues from everyday life and exercises on communicative intonation. Intercultural and Francophone aspects have a large place in the course book along with a focus on grammar and vocabulary.

Students are actively involved in learning working through stages from discovery, to deduction and finally usage of the language. This is supported by tables and lists that illustrate each point. There are numerous comprehension exercises and at the end of each unit "L'essentiel" page takes stock of the contents of the unit in grammar and vocabulary exercises plus oral comprehension revision.

Written and oral comprehensions from everyday, business and public life put students in authentic communication situations and outlines of conversations are included to guide students in their spoken work.

"Culture, Cultures" pages look at aspects of French and Francophone life: ecology, the influencer phenomenon, citizen engagement, press, sciences etc. Preparation for the DELF A2 exams takes place throughout the book and every 2 units there is a double-page of learning strategies for the exam. At the end of each unit, "Atelier meidation" offers group tasks for students to practise mediation and develop their capacity to interact and co-operate in groups. Transcripts of all the audio and video material can be found at the end of the book.

The workbook contains exercises to re-inforce the achievements gained in each unit (grammar, vocabulary, phonetics) and complementary exercises for oral and written comprehension and composition. At the end of each unit these is a linguistic assessment section and pages to prepare students for the DELF exams. Games and puzzles are included to make revision more entertaining. Transcripts of the listening texts and an answer key are also included.


  • S’immerger dans le français de la vie quotidienne et découvrir les réalités francophones dans des documents authentiques didactisés.
  • S’adapter à différentes situations de classe : grande liberté et souplesse d’utilisation.
  • Comprendre le fonctionnement de la langue grâce à un apprentissage guidé de la grammaire.
  • S’entrainer au DELF/DALF avec une préparation progressive
  • Optimiser la mémorisation du lexique grâce aux pages « vocabulaire » : exploitation créative et ludique des listes de vocabulaire.
  • Travailler la compétence de médiation avec un « atelier-médiation »
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    6 septembre 2022

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    Éditions Didier

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