Motive B1 Kursbuch

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Motive B1 Kursbuch

Paperback, 246 pages. Coursebook, Level B1.

You can achieve an objective much more quickly by concentrating and dealing with it systematically. Motive follows this principle with a clearly structured course that allows students to learn quickly through a process of discovery, cognition and association.

Each chapter in the course has clearly constructed units, covering the basic syllabus for level A1 to B1. The initial page of each lesson picks up on students' previous knowledge. Three double-page spreads follow, presenting in turn a reading text, a listening text and a topic of cultural interest. At the end of each lesson there is a short summary of the relevant grammar and speech functions.

The workbooks contain extensive exercises, as well as special writing practice which can be completed at home or in the classroom. Vocabulary and grammar are dealt with in a systematic way, enabling students to learn quickly.

From the very beginning, longer reading and listening texts on interesting topics and stories combine skills training with vocabulary and grammar acquisition. This helps students build up knowledge that lasts and increases quickly. The accompanying CDs contain all the listening texts from the coursebooks and can be purchased separately here: Motive B1 Audio-CDs zum Kursbuch.


  • alle Lektionen mit klarem Aufbau für hohe Transparenz
  • attraktive Einstiegsseiten zur Aktivierung des Vorwissens
  • motivierende Lesetexte (auch als Hörtexte auf den Audio-CDs zum Kursbuch)
  • interessante Hörgeschichten
  • authentische Gesprächsanlässe
  • Aktivierung von Vorwissen auf den Einstiegsseiten
  • Lernen in 3 Phasen: Erkennen, gelenkte Anwendung, freies Anwenden
  • Grammatik- und Redemittelübersicht am Ende jeder Lektion (mit Audiotraining)
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    May 2015

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