Frank, A: Anne Frank - Aus dem Tagebuch

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Frank, A: Anne Frank - Aus dem Tagebuch - Anne Frank

In the summer of 1942, the Jewish Frank family hid from the National Socialists in a hidden annex in an Amsterdam house. Here, Anne Frank writes her world-famous diary, to which she entrusts all her observations, thoughts and feelings, as if it is a best friend. In the confines of the hiding place and isolated from the outside world, she describes her life in constant danger of discovery or bombing. But Anne also talks about how confusing it is to grow up and almost everyday family quarrels. She hopes for her rescue by the end. But they are discovered. Anne Frank's family is sent to a concentration camp. There, Anne dies shortly before the end of the war in the spring of 1945.

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    13 May 2019

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    Klett Sprachen

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