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La grammatica semplice - Grammatica semplificata dell'italiano per italiani e stranieri - Elettra Ercolino, T. Anna Pellegrino

An essential grammar for foreign students, learners who are not used to using textbooks, as well as native Italians with learning difficulties. The vocabulary used in the explanations and exercises is as simple and clear as possible but still wide-ranging.

The key features of this book are its straightforward and easy-to-understand explanations, the numerous exercises for reinforcing grammatical understanding, and the continual assessment of the learning objectives. The content is arranged in the following sections:

  • Phonology - pronunciation and writing (The alphabet, accents, sounds, punctuation etc.)
  • Morphology - nouns and articles; adjectives; pronouns; verbs; adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions and interjections
  • Syntax - clauses and sentence structures

Solutions to the exercises and further online resources are available online.


  • Spiegazioni semplici, che mirano alla selezione e alla messa in rilievo dei contenuti essenziali di fonologia, ortografia, morfologia e sintassi, intervallati da brevi esercizi di prima applicazione delle regole (riquadri Prima verifica).
  • Esercizi di riepilogo alla fine di ogni sezione.
  • Mappe semplificate per il ripasso alla fine di ogni unità.
  • Uso di un carattere ad alta leggibilità.
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